A mother / daughter duo, who collectively, have 15 years of combined experience in the fashion buying world. Specialising in jewellery, accessories & women’s fashion. KayaNuka was founded in November 2021 with one simple concept in mind: "To bring unique & beautiful pieces to people to make them feel special."

Having something that is unique to you is so hard to find these days and that is exactly want we are wanting to achieve. Our collection is relatable but just slightly different to anything else out there, supporting individuality & an opportunity to elevate your style.

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KayaNuka means: 'Older & Younger' in the native American language ↠ Cherokee. The native American culture is the true inspiration behind the brand due to its bohemian feel. Boho fashion is what we love and as a company we love to offer this in our own way.

#LOVETOLAYER - Most of the pieces we stock can all be layered with one another. Shop the look or buy one & know you can always come back for more. Buying presents has never been easier.


Our main focus is to find brands that are undiscovered and stocked in very few places, making them unique to us & to you. Building relationships is key for us. We have a very close relationship with all the brands we work with. Everything is handmade, specifically to our order & produced in very small quantities. With some of them we work together on the designs, choosing the chains & the stones we love, which allows the pieces to be even more unique to KayaNuka & our customer.



As mentioned KayaNuka means "Older & Younger" in Cherokee, a native American language. This resembles the mother daughter duo behind the brand. The font of this is actually Kaya's (Boo's) handwriting adding the personal & unique touch.


The Cherokee symbol of the Sun with our own little twist. We were drawn to this because of its symbolisation of new beginnings & growth. It is also known for bringing joy, light and happiness into people's lives and this is something we hope to achieve with KayaNuka. Throughout our jewellery collection we have a few sun medallions which remind us of our emblem and bring us back to the Cherokee symbol.

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